Crime, Negligence and Other Claims

Theft and Vandalism

Crime Negligence Insurance AdjustersTheft and vandalism claims can be similar to other types of claims in many ways, but they also involve unique aspects that require special knowledge and expertise to handle properly. Insurance carriers ask different kinds of questions with these claims; often requiring proof of prior possession, the value of items, and any related damage that might have been suffered during a break-in (broken locks, windows, etc.). Investigation often plays a major part in this type of insurance claim, as well.

The independent insurance adjusters at Michael A. Mosel, Public Adjusters can help you compile the proper documentation for your theft or vandalism claim, sorting through police reports, eyewitness accounts, credit card statements, security videos, receipts, and anything else that can help move to substantiate your claim. When proper documentation isn’t available, we’ll help you compile tax returns and other supporting documents to show that you owned the items stolen or destroyed.

Let us help you through this complicated process. With a professional public adjuster on your side, your claims process doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Power Outages

When a business loses power, gas, water, or telephone service for an extended amount of time, it can be devastating to both profits and property. But because the root cause of the damage often occurs off-premise, this type of insurance claim can be complicated and many claims are denied due to lack of coverage. That is why it is so important to have a public insurance adjuster to get you a fair settlement.

If there is a way to recoup your losses after an event of this type, the professional insurance adjuster team at Michael A. Mosel, Public Adjusters will find it. Let us help you navigate through the submission process and explore the insurance claim adjustment options available to you. We handle accident insurance claims as well.


The health hazards related to mold damage and loss make this type of claim a little more complicated than others. Removal and clean-up techniques can be expensive and time-consuming, and dangerous to the health of those performing the work. For these reasons and more, insurance carriers have started restricting coverage in their standard policies or removing it altogether.

If your home or business has suffered damage or loss due to mold, let Michael A. Mosel, Public Adjusters examine your case and assess your property damage claim. As a claim adjuster, we can help you understand your options and help you pursue an appropriate settlement if your policy covers such a loss.