Public Insurance Claims Adjusters

Public Insurance Claims AdjustersWhen your home or business suffers damage or loss, the resulting insurance claim process can be both unfamiliar and intimidating. Policy holders are often faced with quick, high-stakes decisions – make the wrong choice in a negotiation or fail to meet the standard requirements of your carrier, and it could cost you thousands in a settlement. That is why you’ll want an independent insurance adjuster to get you a fair settlement.

Whether your property is a small residential home or a large place of business, the professional team at Michael A. Mosel, Public Adjusters will manage your insurance claim adjustment from start to finish, ensuring that you get fair treatment and a reasonable settlement to cover your loss.

Property damage can result from many different types of events, from natural disasters to criminal acts or accidents. Whatever the root cause, the result is the same: a lengthy, burdensome claims process that can cost you even more in terms of time and money, as you pursue resolution. We have the experience that you would want from a public insurance adjuster. At Michael A. Mosel, Public Adjusters, we’ve managed claims of all types, including natural disaster claims and we can manage yours, too.

The First Steps

Your first step is to get in touch with us. Call us or use our convenient initial contact form to let us know that you need our help. We will respond immediately to gather the information we need to get started. Once we have an overview of your situation, we will schedule a time to inspect the property damage firsthand. During our inspection, our property damage insurance adjuster will talk with you more about the claims process and review your policy to gain a better understanding of your coverage. Based on this information, we’ll start to put together a plan of action. You can review the plan and decide if you wish to proceed with our services backing you up.

The Next Steps

If you choose to pursue an insurance claim adjustment with help from Michael A. Mosel Public Adjusters, our next step will involve a top-to-bottom analysis of your policy and the terms of coverage that apply directly to the damage or loss you’ve suffered. We’ll also consider recent related cases, industry standards and updates, related information from relevant regulatory agencies and any other outside information that may have bearing on your case. We’ll use the information from these sources and our own expertise to develop a strategy for your claim.

We will properly record and document your damages with a detailed profile of your property that meets every one of your policy’s requirements. Then we’ll present it in a way that’s professional, thorough, and effective.

The Last Steps

Once your claim has been submitted, we will remain available to answer any questions from you or your carrier – providing clarification when needed and helping you navigate around delay tactics. We will justify the legitimacy of your claim and the value of your loss with a well-defined, detailed position.

In the end, you’ll walk away with a fair settlement in a reasonable time frame.

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Contact Michael A. Mosel Public Adjusters today for more information about how we can help you get through this. We can’t wait to get started.