Corpus Christi Public Adjuster

Corpus Christi Public Adjuster

Michael A. Mosel, Public Adjusters are proud to serve our neighbors throughout the greater Corpus Christi area. If you have experienced property damage or loss, our team is here to help you file your claim, negotiate with the insurance company, protect your interests, and ensure that you get the maximum settlement to which you are entitled.

Texas property owners commonly face damages from extreme weather conditions including hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, storms, hail, and wildfires. Suffering property damages can be stressful – that’s why our experienced and knowledgeable team is here to act fast and help you navigate the recovery process. When you are dealing with a property insurance claim, we know that you must navigate the personal effects of the damage while working with the insurance company to provide proof of your claim and hope to get a fair and equitable settlement. We are here to protect your interests and serve you, the insured, not the insurance company. Don’t let the stress of damages keep you from working with the insurance company to get your maximum benefits. Let the team at Michael A. Mosel, Public Adjusters negotiate with the insurance company and obtain your maximum insurance payout.

Public Adjuster Services

Public insurance adjusters, like the team at Michael A. Mosel, Public Adjusters, work only on behalf of the policyholder. We do not work for the insurance company, therefore, our job is to protect you during the claim process. We can assist you with all stages of the process from the initial assessment of property damages, filing the claim with the insurance company, and negotiation of your claim payout.

Working with a public adjuster ensures that you are protected and have an advocate working on your behalf. Also, when you work with a member of our team, we not only look at the value of the property damaged and the costs for repairs, we consider other factors such as lost business income from damages to commercial property and other factors that may have been affected by the loss.

Public Adjuster Experts

Public Adjuster ExpertsAt Michael A. Mosel, Public Adjusters we have expert knowledge of the language used and details in insurance policies. We fully understand the property damage and loss evaluation process and have access to state-of-the-art software to assist us in the valuation process. When you work with an expert public adjuster, you are working with a knowledgeable insurance expert who is advocating on your behalf and is there solely to protect your interests in the negotiation process with the insurance company.

If you have experienced property loss or damage to your residential or commercial property in the Corpus Christi area, contact our team to see how we can help you determine the maximum claim payment possible. Even if you are positive that you have calculated your property loss appropriately, working with an expert adjuster can often lead to finding missed or miscalculated amounts. For example, if you have experienced roof damage during a hurricane or storm, we will not only calculate the cost of a new roof, we will determine the costs associated with removing the previously damaged roof, as well as other issues that may affect your total replacement costs. When you work with an adjuster from Michael A. Mosel, Public Adjusters, you can relax and know that we are going to perform a thorough review of your situation and that we are going to put together an exhaustive list of your damages, losses, and replacement costs

It is crucial to submit an accurate and very detailed claim to the insurance company in order to ensure the proper payout after a property loss. An insurance company will never pay more than the amount claimed, therefore it’s crucial that your claim be thorough and accurate. Hiring a public adjuster will ensure that you are protected and fully compensated.

Let the friendly team at Michael A. Mosel, Public Adjusters work with the insurance company and negotiate your claim today. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure that you receive a fair settlement for your claim.